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SpinTax Creation Service for Smart Marketers – DM’s, Comments & More

Easily Multiply Your Marketing Reach and Get More Leads by Avoiding Social and Email Blocks

Marketers who use alternative ways to paid advertising, are trying to spread their messages to new prospects on various platforms like social networks, forums or by email, in the hope their adverts will be read and then convert into new leads. It all sounds good, except there is a big stop-wall in front of these marketers.

How Networks Are Limiting Free Reach if You’re Not Using Their Paid Ads Programs

The big companies (you know them) are trying to limit the reach of the regular marketer when this is not using paid advertising on their platforms. Like you must know, social networks, forums and email providers are all having a type of paid advertising program, thus, when you are trying to reach to their users by various means and for free (social signals, direct messages, comments, posts), they believe you’re fooling their system and so they trigger their defense: smart action and content filters that will block or ghost your marketing messages and posts, or disable your accounts altogether.

While some of the filters are beneficial in the fight with spam and low quality content, there is also a lot of collateral damage (with a subtle purpose) to sincere marketers and artists who want to make a honest living. There are numerous complaints in articles, reports and forum posts on how these people and genuine accounts are affected by these filters. Sadly, any effort to complain is lost in vain, as if you’re using such platforms, you must play by the platform’s terms, or simply, get out..

Avoiding Platform Filters and Having a Competitive Advantage Over Other Marketers

Firstly, letting alone content filters which blocks identical or too similar messages, when you need to scale up in online marketing, you also need lots of varied versions for your marketing messages, titles and descriptions.

Now back to filters, so what’s there to help avoiding such filters? – A SpinTax.

First, let me explain what exactly a SpinTax is: SpinTax is the short for ‘spinning syntax’, where a single base message is ‘spun’ to generate synonyms for words and replacements of phrases, creating multiple versions of the same message but which are distinct from one another. Many software and apps are having the feature of using a SpinTax for their output. Having unique versions of your messages is the first step in avoiding the mentioned filters. Furthermore, having many varied phrases for your marketing messages, titles and descriptions, is an obvious benefit especially when you want to scale out.

spintax example

Having The Perfect SpinTax

An efficient SpinTax needs a lot of thought – its a task where creativity and copy-writing skills are stretched to the max. Why is that? The SpinTax should be complex enough to output plenty of unique versions of your base text, by having a multi-level phrase structure (called nested spin), and every output should adhere to these key aspects: needs to be human readable, friendly and easier to digest so it doesn’t piss people off, while also having a subtle marketing touch to persuade people into taking an action. This is the formula for the ideal marketing SpinTax.

Why you should choose our SpinTax creation service?

When social networks launched out with commenting and DM options on their platforms, many people saw this as a big opportunity to get new leads with little efforts, by commenting / DM-ing other users with their deals messages. Soon after, when social networks saw an increase in self-promotion activity, they started to implement blocking and ghosting filters. Marketers where caught off-guards and badly needed a solution, and so the SpinTax proved to be the right solution.

We were developing complex SpinTaxes since the early stages of social media marketing. We can develop a 100 words single phrase into a 1000 words nested SpinTax, capable of outputting an immense number of message versions which can be able to avoid any content filter. If you’re not sure about it, try to spell 9223372036854775807, that’s the total number of possible text version from a nested spin of 700 words we created (see below screenshot).

nested spintax


Usage on social media sites, forums, blogs and other type of marketing channels, as follows:

– Direct / Personal Messages (DM’s, PM’s);
– Social posts, captions and comments;
– Profile biographies and descriptions;
– Email and SMS marketing;
– Forum signatures.
– Populating empty pages / profiles, with short biographies or descriptions for SEO or direct traffic.


– Avoiding network and platform content filters, allowing your messages to pass through, and your profiles to survive.
– By producing virtually unlimited copy versions of your marketing messages, you can customize large sets of profiles into individual promoters for your niche and offers, scaling out more.
– This is a long-term investment, compared to buying one article which you can use once. You can keep re-using your SpinTax whenever you need it.


– We will take your base message and develop it into a complex nested SpinTax, capable of producing unique and human readable versions of your message, while preserving it’s original intention.
– From a message containing approximately 50 words we can develop a 500 words SpinTax
– The results will not be a simple dry sentence with replaced synonyms, but will be structured to output different formatting and different sentences between spins.

Who needs this service?

Marketers in need of many short marketing copy / messages, either for added diversity, or for avoding their messages and profiles being blocked. For populating empty pages / profiles, with short biographies or descriptions so they can have an added value either for search engines (SEO), social media search engines or for direct referral traffic.


Looking for more information about our SpinTax creation service? You canĀ send us an email, or add our Skype: office123accs

Mario is a social media marketer and programmer from Italy. Mario began his career as a social media intern for a small startup and quickly learned the ropes of the industry. He then went on to work as a social media manager for a mid-sized company before starting his own agency. Mario is also a skilled programmer and has created software programs that help businesses with their social media marketing efforts. In his spare time, Mario enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children. His motto: "Keep your skills sharp and your networking active, and you'll always be in demand."