Free tools

Grow your business with these great free Marketing Automation Tools

KeyHashtags – Hashtags Mixer Tool – Windows-Based

Grow your social profiles by using the best hashtags for your posts. Free version includes the hashtag mixer that can use three individual hashtags list by given percentage – to generate unique sets of hashtags for your posts.

(The full-featured version also contains hashtags on 20+ niches, suitable for multiple networks, and with most popular and current trending hashtags for a given network at any given time. The Swiss army knife tool for Hashtag Marketing. AI-powered & human vetted to ensure getting high reach on social media).

Instagram Age Checker Tool – Web App

Doing research about Instagram account age? This is the first of its kind tool for finding the date of creation of any Instagram account, regardless if set on public or private. There’s no need to login to Instagram. There is a date estimation error of only +/- 1-2 weeks since the Instagram release year. (We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Instagram / Facebook).