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Make money with Pay Per Install and mobile traffic!

Making money with mobile traffic has never been easier. Pay per install (PPI) allows you to monetize your mobile traffic in a simple and efficient way: You can lock various content and allow users to unlock it by installing free mobile apps on their phones or tablets. It only takes a few clicks for the user to install and unlock your content, and you get paid in real time for every successful app install.

If you have one or more social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Twitter, Snapchat,, etc.. and it happens to have a at least a few thousands followers on them, then you may sit on some good money that you can easily pocket! You can market various offers to your followers and get credited in your PPI account.

A well known Pay Per Install network it’s OgAds, it provides the top mobile content locker in the industry, exclusive high paying apps and weekly burst campaign along with weekly payments. The best part about this network is that they have a helpful community that can get you going along the way to start earning more money (you must first reach $100 in earnings to access the community chat).

A unique feature about this network it’s the landing page request section where you can find inspiration about what products or niches to promote to your followers. You can also download those landing pages and upload them on your domain/s so you can begin promoting them right away.

Start using the mobile traffic in your advantage and rack up some money! Register with OgAds now if you want to go on the right path of PPI earnings.