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Automated marketing and niche targeting on Instagram – Tips for starters

Starts slow, manual tests are recommended at first

My first recommendation for starters is to start low and upgrade/invest more only after you see some profit. Don’t overlook the power of manual work, make some manual tests on your phone/tablet with various niches, landing pages and targets and see what is converting well, then start to automate and scale up what makes a profit.

If you buy a bot, dozens of proxies and accounts, this will not make you rich overnight. A bot will not find you a method; you should have a working plan and set your accounts, landing pages and bot settings accordingly.

When using a bot, do not hurry while setting and starting accounts, this is the biggest mistake newcomers do and mess up their accounts and IP’s. You should first read all that you can about the management of Instagram accounts.

Also, you should read the bot documentation, otherwise, there are slim chances you’ll make money if you don’t fully understand the bot and its settings and features. Start with any niche but target the right users, start slow, and you can optimize things while working on it.

You should be highly cautious in any automation on social media, because automatically liking, following, commenting, etc.. explicitly violates TOS. Growing accounts / gaining traffic using automated tools puts your accounts at risk of being suspended or permanently banned. The moment an account is placed on bots, logged on proxies and daily automated, any guarantees of the account safety are lost. Although, marketers that will use automation gently and varied enough, can obtain great rewards using it.

To make the above message more clear: No niche type (legit or fake), virgin proxy, advanced bot, custom actions, traffic funneling scheme (snapchat/kik user or link in bio or watermark link in picture) or whatever magic formula of actions you will apply will keep you safe from the fact that you’re doing automation in the first place.

What niches works best? Legit or fake?

Legit (white-hat) niches are way better because they don’t attract flags from Instagram users and accounts will survive longer. You could begin promoting the usual niches people are doing, like gift cards, giveaways and the like… you will get started real quick, but these niches can only bring income in the short term, and will also bring troubles to the accounts.

Legit niches are not so hard to find as some people may believe, you just need to put some clear thoughts for it to find some good services or products to promote to people that are very likely to need and wish for (targeted audience) – this approach will bring you benefits on the long term, and you will thank me later about it.

How to target the right people?

There are many targeting options in Instagram but the most popular ones are following the followers of a target account, and searching targeted keywords (hashtags) that people are adding to their posts, then follow the posting users or like those posts (you can also combine it, giving both follow and like). It is important to select accounts and keywords that are related to your niche, the more explicitly the keywords are defining your niche, the more engagement and conversions you will get.

For example, if you’re promoting a free smartphone giveaway, you can follow all the followers of accounts that have something in common with smartphones. If you follow by keywords, you should target keywords like smartphone, iphone, apple, ios, android, samsung, samsungedge, mobile, phonecamera, etc. Try to get creative, look for other hashtags posted along with other posts about smartphones.

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Adjusting your profiles and landing page

When targeted people will get followed by your account, they will receive the notification and will check back on your accounts out of curiosity. You should add some cool photos on the feed of your accounts, posts that will be appealing to your targeted audience, and as much as relevant to your niche. And have an engaging biography that will make users continue to your landing page (study some more about CTA – call to action).

After all the work you’ve made to acquire targeted visitors, when they are finally on your landing page, you want to ensure everything works correctly, and users find it easy to register/complete offers on it. Avoid complex and hard to load landing pages. Use the K.I.S.S. (Keep it stupid simple) principle, and you should have a good conversion on your LP.

ROI and the anti-spam filters

If you can properly adjust things while maintaining a good result on investment (ROI) good profits can be obtained. The most important thing is about finding how to not trigger the Instagram anti-spam filters so you can make the profit while remaining in business, the rest its just about scaling using the same working blueprint.

Remember: “The devil is in the detail.” There is some fine tuning needed, so keep adjusting things until you obtain the best results.

Mario is a social media marketer and programmer from Italy. Mario began his career as a social media intern for a small startup and quickly learned the ropes of the industry. He then went on to work as a social media manager for a mid-sized company before starting his own agency. Mario is also a skilled programmer and has created software programs that help businesses with their social media marketing efforts. In his spare time, Mario enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children. His motto: "Keep your skills sharp and your networking active, and you'll always be in demand."