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Boost your earnings with our automated crypto trading bot! Take advantage of small price movements in assets round the clock and watch your profits grow effortlessly. With our bot, you can sit back and relax as it automatically generates continuous small gains that accumulate over time. No active management required! Start maximizing your crypto investments today.

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Markets always move, why don’t take advantage of that?

Our automated crypto trading bot earns you profit from small price movements of assets, 24/7. Automatically earn small profits that cumulates over time without you having to do nothing about it.


  • Smart grid trading.
  • Customizable play balance.
  • Automated risk management.
  • Uses Binance API key.
  • Can play with any crypto asset pair available in the Binance API.
  • Simple to use console interface (no graphical user interface).
  • Working on systems based on Windows 7 and up.
  • An invitation to a private Discord channel where we share our current automated trading strategy, with regular screenshots and updates.
  • Estimated earnings in a sideways market is $20/day using $2k balance. That’s $600 monthly passive income.
  • Your purchase is lifetime without any additional costs or monthly plans, it includes one-on-one support for getting the bot up and running and learning how to use it, and ensures lifetime updates.

Take a look on how to obtain your Binance API key. Please note: Set your Binance API keys to only allow reading and spot trading, leaving the withdraw option disabled.

Another mandatory feature you need to set is adding your PC or server IP so that operations with your API key can only happen from inside your computer, where the bot is running.

Binance API key and setup
Binance API key and setup

Security & Privacy

Your API keys are end-to-end encrypted. We don’t store them, and are only used on-the-fly by the trading bot to perform the buy/sell operations (only when price movements are validated) and only with the balance amount you specify. Also a security feature from Binance, as you can see above when setting up the API key, is you add your PC or server IP as the only source of accepted API calls. No one else will be able to perform buy/sell operations except a user/client from your allowed PC or server.

The trading bot does not record, store or share any private information like device data, IP, crypto addresses, API keys or other personal identifiable information. Like said above, it is just allowed to perform buy/sell operations on the fly, and only from the allowed PC or server, based on your Binance API key.

automated crypto trading bot passive income
automated crypto trading bot passive income



Q: Do you guarantee profits?

A: No. Especially in crypto, market volatility is high and with lots of uncertainty, profits might happen or they might not. This is also very dependable on your trading strategy (grid limits, stop loss limit, etc) and the market conditions at any given time. Investing in crypto (half of the play balance needs exchanged to a coin for trading to take place) can be very risky, so you should not invest more than you can afford to lose.

Q: What is the minimum/maximum balance I can play with?

A: Minimum recommended balance is $50 in a stable coin and $50 in a well-established crypto coin, totaling $100.

Q: What are the trading pairs you suggest being the most suited for automated trading?

A: A relatively safe approach is using well-established coins, examples: USDT/BTC; USDT/ETH. Other coins can have ‘better’ volatility movements that will trigger the trading bot more often, thus increasing the profitability, but these other coins not being that much established, might pose a riskier position to keep half of the play balance invested in.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: If you can’t manage to run the trading bot, and we are also unable to have the trading bot run on your Windows-based PC (we need remote access), then we will make a full-refund. No other refunds are made for any other reasons.

Choosing to pay by Crypto, will make your purchase completely anonymous.

Soon we will publish our API key management module to GitHub.

Happy profits!


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