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Here’s the thing about scaling and web automation for Internet marketing

Web automation

Automating online tasks to get more traffic to your offers, and ultimately more conversions, looks like a great opportunity to escape the boring everyday manual work and start making lots of money on auto-pilot. The truth is, if things were so easy, everybody would earn enough money online by just setting up bots and then living their dream life. As you can guess, this is not the case.

While scaling can be a precious tool for marketers, the idea and implementation of scaling in too early stages, can quickly add to the diminishing of one’s chances in getting the things right at the beginning, ultimately resulting in a weak foundation that will quickly lead to failure, leaving behind big disappointments and time and money lost.

On the other side, for Internet marketers who know when to start scaling and how to do it properly, it can be essential for blooming their profits.


After witnessed so many newcomers in the field, I can safely say that this is the second biggest mistake made when it comes to Internet marketing: blindly believing a bot will solve all your money problems (the first mistake is lack of perseverance). If you want to be successful with scaling, you first need to be successful in doing a method manually, from the smallest steps up to the last ones. You need to start with manually optimize a method until you get it good enough so it worth investing in scaling. When you have a winner combination, slowly start to scale up and observe how things work, adjusting other small details if needed. Preparing for scaling before knowing all of the insides out of a method, and trying to find working solutions during scaling, will most likely lead to time and money lost.

Test the method manually to check its validity (also on the long-term if wanted), then you can invest in scaling.


If you fail following somebody’s method or journey from A to Z, at blame is your own logic and judgment. Things can have slight differences depending on small details someone applies, and sometimes can omit saying (unintentionally or not), and these small details can greatly impact results and will create very different outcomes for different people. You should always weight the informations by yourself, and not just blindly follow someone’s words when it comes to your time and money.

It’s your job to do your own research and tests regarding the method, observe things and start adjusting per your needs, possibilities and vision. Prepare to be flexible and improve the method.


Having lines of defense against automation and manipulation of internal signals is the only way a site can survive. If you believe it will be easy to lay down your army of accounts/actions on a site and rip the profits out of it, then you missed out on something: the anti-spam teams behind the scenes are working day and night against the techniques you (and thousands of other marketers) wish to apply. If you have short-term tactics to promote with, you may get some rewards at the time, but it will only last until the first site update.

Don’t always run against the wave, you can use automation more gently, while getting a good share out of it, and on long-term.