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Best Jarvee Settings for Warming-up Instagram Accounts


Here is a tutorial on best practices to setting up the Jarvee Instagram automation tool. Many users are in a hurry when setting and starting up their bots, and this can have a negative impact on their new projects. A good automation software is having plenty of features for getting the best results during marketing, but this also comes with the drawback of people misusing these features, most of the time leading to account blocks and bans.

When it comes to automation, Instagram is a very sensitive network these days, and you need to make sure your actions are not triggering any network flags, so your accounts stay alive for longer while they bring you the needed profit. So here it goes:

Warming-up accounts

When starting with fresh accounts, or with accounts that were previously inactive for some time, it is best to use some warming-up settings before starting to actually promote things on high speed.

While many people are starting to follow with their fresh or inactive accounts right away, I still insist on my theory that the safest way of getting started with it is this: in the first login day, do not give any follow actions with your accounts, but only a few likes here and there. This is because when an account is logged into a totally foreign environment, it will be very sensitive at actions in the first 24 hours. So make sure that, after you logged the accounts for the first time, you only do a few likes and then let them rest for a full day before starting the actual warming-up procedure.

Wait between: 8-12 minutes before each new operation.
Follow between: 1 and 3 people per operation, with a delay between 60-120 seconds between each follow.
Execute between: 12am-12am.
Sleep the tool for: 90 minutes after 7 follows.
Days of the week when to operate: Select all days except one (it needs at least one day of total rest).

Follow a maximum of 10-14 per day. Increase each day with 10 until it reaches 100 max Follow per day.

USER FILTERS (check and set the following):
Skip Non English Users,
User has profile image,
User bio/username/name filter: Add a bad-word filter list as desired (free,followers,hack,generate,crack,cheat,famous,download,discount,shop,check,click,buy,etc..)
User has a number of followers/followings: 0-1000; 10-1000
User posted within the last 60 days,
Do not follow private users,
Skip business accounts

Like user’s latest posts: 1-2
Remove poor quality Sources: 0.2 after 1000 follows

Here you will tell Jarvee what users to follow, based on your selected criteria and although not related with the warm-up settings and delays, I will drop here some good targeting tips. One of the most efficient ways of interacting with users on Instagram is the next one:

Check: Follow users that interacted with posts on target accounts:
Check and set: Likes and Comments: Follow users who commented in the last 1440 minutes (1 day)
Set: Scrape only posts posted in the last 1440 minutes (1 day)
Enter the usernames you want to target into the box, line by line (choose big accounts related to your niche)

By setting Jarvee to interact in this way, it will ensure you only target recently active users, and which that are interested in your targeted users’s posts, meaning they may also be interested about your page/products if that’s relevant and well presented.

Liking other users posts will get you less engagement than using the follow tool, but it’s still a good way of interaction (can bring more quality followers) which should complement your follow actions. One of the good reasons to also use liking, is for your account not to look too suspicious in the IG eyes, if you were to only follow people. So here are the recommended like settings while you’re warming up your accounts:

Wait between: 4-6 minutes before each new operation.
Like between: 2 and 4 posts per operation, with a delay between 30-90 seconds between each follow.
Execute between: 12am-12am.
Sleep the tool for: 45 minutes after 10 likes.
Days of the week when to operate: Select all days except one (again, the account needs at least one day of total rest).

Like a maximum of 14-28 per day. Increase each day with 14 until it reaches 200 max Like per day.
Like users most recent posts: 1 most recent posts.

USER FILTERS: use the same as for the following tool.

Like only: Images and Videos
Posted within the last X days: 3
Filter posts by number of likes: 0-500
Do NOT like if post caption contains specific words (use a bad word filter, similar with the one in the following tool, but also focused on hashtags to be avoided)

I’m going to recommend some settings for the liking tool also:

Like Posts of Followers: Section rank 10
Like Latest Feed Posts: Section Rank 8
Like Posts of users that interacted with posts on target accounts: Section Rank 9
Inside the usernames box, you need to enter your Instagram username for this option.


I get asked a lot how much time should the accounts be warmed-up.. and the answer depends on the account, proxy used and the time you’re willing to allow to pass. I will first start answering for the people who are in a hurry. For fresh, or inactive accounts (think aged accounts that were resting for months or years), a warming time of at least 1 week is mandatory. If you have accounts that were recently active or pre-warmed, then you can even bypass the warm-up procedure completely, and use smaller delays with increased action values.

For people who want to get the most out of their accounts, and are willing to allow some time for the accounts to be properly warmed-up, the ideal time is about 1 month of warming-up.

Ideally, during the warm-up period no links should be placed in the bio, and no aggressive commenting/DM actions should be given.

Making the accounts stronger

Do not forget that you’re using a platform, and Instagram knows everything about their accounts and their usage. To make your accounts last longer and become more authoritative, you need to treat your accounts as a real user would do: full profile customization, adding posts to feed, letting it rest over night and during weekends plus other genuine-looking actions.