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Instagram account creation, management and botting tips

Hello marketers,

A while back, in March 2016, I posted on BHW (my favorite Internet Marketing forum) a post with tips on how to safely create, manage and run multiple Instagram accounts for marketing purposes.

The post can be found here: Instagram accounts management and botting tips

While most of the content on that post is still up to date, Instagram made some changes since then, and there are things that can be further added on how to properly use multiple accounts to market on Instagram.

I will add to this article any issues that I encountered during my marketing projects, and the solutions to them.

  • How to avoid re-PVA checks? – Mostly caused by virtual phone numbers or flagged links. Use a real phone number / remove the flagged link.
  • How to avoid getting your links flagged? – Mostly caused by using the same link/landing page on too many spam accounts. Use a maximum of one unique domain for 5 accounts / make sure you keep you landing page HTML code unique between the 5 accounts sets.