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Custom-Made Web Automation Bots. Automate Any Web Task. Proxy Support and Captcha Solving. Grow Your Business The Smart Way

What we love doing?

We develop custom Python-based bots for fast web automation, and also Selenium-based bots for browser automation. Our custom bots can browse websites and scrape the needed data, they can submit information, register or login to websites and complete various on-site actions.

All this with safety and anti-tracking measures in place. We can also develop software that perform off-line tasks, locally or inside an intranet network.

What our bots can do for you?

Type of collected data can be: comments, articles, ad/product descriptions, emails, prices, links, names and addresses, documents, pictures, videos.

Type of automated actions can be: posting or re-posting content, auto-liking, auto-voting, auto-following; managing, monitoring or activating various signals and features; acting on whatever actions the website has available for non- or authorized users.

There are plenty of use cases that can easily fill a few thick books. The combinations of actions and tasks are virtually unlimited, and only limited by your imagination.

Examples of scraper, finder and analyzer bots:

  • Scraper of product title, description, price and reviews that you can use for your product review site.
  • Scraper of first paragraphs of niche-specific articles to add it on your site as curated content.
  • Scraper of targeted emails of people that are active in a given niche – by social sites, niche groups, directories, classifieds, forums and other communities.
  • Finder of target sites, groups, communities, niche-specific comments or posts where you can join the discussion and mention your product.
  • Finder of current viral posts or shares that you can use to comment on, or imitate so you can gain huge traffic.
  • Finder of a keyword present on sites which indicates usage of a specific product or service.
  • Analyzer of competitor sites by SEO rankings, back-links weight, social signals volume, business citations and more.
  • Analyzer of social profiles by engagement, growth velocity, network reach volume and more.
  • Analyzer of social posts (text, images, videos, links) by social reactions, sharing impact, network rankings and more.

Examples of action-based bots:

  • Signal monitoring and alerting. Also, for a received signal or combination of signals, the bot can be programmed to perform a more complex task.
  • Auto voting/liking/disliking/following/un-following/commenting/direct messaging on social sites, top sites, directories, classifieds, forums, etc.
  • Auto posting/re-posting of blog posts, articles, images, videos, links, slides, infographics, pdf’s, product ads, links, etc. on social networks, blogs or personal sites.

Software features and support:

  • Proxy and captcha solving to get over website filters.
  • Anti-fingerprinting technology to avoid tracking.
  • User friendly interface to easily control the bot functions and monitor its actions in real-time.
  • Storing of data and logging of actions, locally or externally.
  • On-screen or email alerts when specific jobs are completed.
  • Usage instructions and Skype/Teamviewer support so you can get the most out of your custom bot.
  • Our service includes 3 months of free updates, and then only $40 per update. For web-based bots, the software will be able to complete its tasks seamlessly as long as nothing changes on the target website.


For who this service is best suited?
For people who are doing simple or complex tasks over the web that could be completed using automation.

For who this service is NOT suited?
People doing tasks on sensitive or complex projects that require human monitoring/intervention. There are still specific cases where humans are better than bots at doing tasks, or, where security of a given system can’t be bypassed by bots.

What programming languages are you using?
We develop using Python, Curl, Selenium, the Flask web framework, the PyQt5 UI framework and some other modules needed in various specific cases.

On what operating systems I can run your bots?
Our executable packaged software works on Windows 7 and later versions. Our non-packaged software can work in Windows, Linux and Mac.

How much do you charge for development?
Development of our bots costs only $40/hour. For example, any bot doing a few relatively simple tasks can be developed in 2 to 4 hours.

How can I order a bot?

  1. You should have an exact idea about what the bot needs doing. Make a list with action steps, including small details and needed features.
  2. Add the product in the cart, enter a description of the needed bot and complete the checkout.
  3. We will get in touch with you via email and/or Skype to talk about the project details, and to present our quote and estimated delivery time.
  4. After we agree upon the development details, price and delivery time, we will send a $40 invoice as an advance payment.
  5. We will fill our jar of Nespresso capsules, turn on classical music radio and do our best to create the ideal bot for you.

What is the completion time?
This depends on the project difficulty and on our booking schedule. Usually, it takes 2-3 days to deliver a bot that needs 4 hours of actual development (some cases require usage testings, which we don’t charge for but will increase delivery time).

After we receive your order, and we agree upon development details and the quote, we will give an estimate for delivery.

Can you help with the bot usage and any difficulties I may encounter along the way?
We always provide usage instruction along with our software, and we will be there to help with and answer any questions about its usage and functionality.

What about the source code of the developed software?

As standard, we deliver packaged software, without access to source code. When discussing project details with us, our developer will also present you a price for the source code. Usually, the price for source code is 3-5 times the packaged version price. Not having access to the source code ensures a lower investment price, but any future updates needed can only be completed by us.

Advantages of having access to the source code:

  • Educational purpose to improve programming skills.
  • Usage of the built-in modules to other, separate software projects.
  • Can be debugged and updated by other programmers.
  • Can be re-packaged with new features and functionality to be offered as a new version.

Do you provide future updates?
Yes we do. The Internet is an ever changing entity, so when changes occur, we will be there to release a working update for your bot.

First 3 months of updates are free of charge, as long as the update address functions the bot was initially designed for. If you need new functions or features during this period, updates falls under our standard price of $40 per hour of development. After the initial 3 months time has passed, any update is charged by developing hours, same as above.

What is your refund policy?
Although we are sure you will love our bots, because of the nature of this service, we will refund only if we fail to deliver a working software within 5 more days after the estimated delivery time. Thus, if we estimate a 3 days delivery time and your bot is not ready yet, we have 5 more days to complete it and deliver.

Hear from an expert – Free consultation and quote:

Don’t hesitate to contact Mario (software developer) for a free consultation and quote – Skype: office123accs | Discord: psihomag#3932

Mario is a social media marketer and programmer from Italy. Mario began his career as a social media intern for a small startup and quickly learned the ropes of the industry. He then went on to work as a social media manager for a mid-sized company before starting his own agency. Mario is also a skilled programmer and has created software programs that help businesses with their social media marketing efforts. In his spare time, Mario enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children. His motto: "Keep your skills sharp and your networking active, and you'll always be in demand."