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7 of the Most Common Instagram Mistakes Marketers Need to Avoid

In order for your profile to stand the highest chance of getting seen and keep growing, it’s actually vital to avoid some of the biggest marketing mistakes. So we’re presenting the 7 most common Instagram mistakes in the hope you’ll avoid them and lead a more successful marketing strategy on Instagram.

1. Lack of a Marketing Strategy

Just like any other marketing channel, Instagram requires a well-defined strategy. Aside from just getting started with your first profile, you have to figure out what you want to accomplish on the platform by developing a content plan that will answer questions such as-Who is your target audience? What value can you bring to them? What kind of posts are they expecting?

Yes, these are basic questions, but any Instagram marketing strategy should begin with these fundamental components; otherwise social media managers risk wasting precious time and resources on irrelevant or ineffective campaigns. That’s why it pays to start off small and test your profile before expanding into more elaborate and complex endeavors.

Conducting market research on who uses the platform, identifying influential users within your niche, gathering an idea bank of high-quality images and videos-these are all important steps that should be taken before taking the big plunge. It takes patience and fortitude to adapt a winning Instagram marketing strategy which is why it helps for marketers to get their feet wet with smaller goals before making their way up the ladder.

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