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How to warm-up Instagram accounts (and make them stronger)

Instagram warm up settings – Updated

First off, be highly cautious in social media automation: automatically liking, following, commenting, etc.. explicitly violates TOS. Growing accounts / gaining traffic using automated tools puts your accounts at risk of being suspended or permanently banned. The moment an account is added on bots, logged on proxies and automated, the account safety is lost.. Although marketers that will use automation gently and varied, can obtain great rewards using it, but they also know and accept the risks.

Niche type (legit or fake); virgin proxy; private bot; custom actions; traffic funneling scheme (snapchat/kik user / link in bio / image watermark link) or whatever formula of actions you will apply, can’t keep you 100% safe from the site algorithms that can detect automation.

Now let’s get started with warming up the accounts:

After you have successfully logged into and verified your account by using one of the methods in this post, it is time to warm it up. Once an account is logged into a totally different environment (device/software and IP), it will enter a state of sensitivity to almost every action for a couple of days, that’s why it needs to be slowly accustomed with its new environment, a procedure that we call warm up.

Warming up an account is a mandatory procedure to increase chances of good standing on the long-term, it may also avoid some security screens like phone verification. However, please note that all the settings on this page are only suggestions.

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Followliker Instagram Settings

If you’re using Followliker to automate your Instagram marketing, the settings below can help you start the accounts more safer. This will not guarantee that your accounts would remain in good standing on the longterm, but is relatively a safer way to warm-up and use the accounts.

It also contains like settings, because only using the follow/unfollow actions it may seem too suspicious for Instagram anti-spam filters.

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