Ready-Made Website in A Profitable Niche – Generate Passive Income


Buy a ready-made website in a profitable niche that will generate passive income for the long-term.

Delivery time is 1 week for every 200 articles.



Buy a ready-made website in a profitable niche that will generate passive income for the years to come.

How this is done?

In short, there are four main steps (skipping technical details like domain registration, hosting setup, etc.):

1. Keyword research for a evergreen, in-demand niche

We will do keyword research to find an evergreen, profitable niche for your website. Meaning all the content will be focused around one subject, making it a great resource on the matter.

2. Content creation – Long-form articles with valuable and helpful information

Next, we will create and post the content on the website. This is long-form articles with at the least 1000 words each. The content is valuable for the niche, well-written and with good grammar.

3. Applied SEO

The third step is the SEO optimization. Here we take care of every small details about the website structure as a whole, including the on-page optimization: in-post images, outbound links, keyword placement, proper formatting and other useful optimization tactics.

4. Traffic monetization

Lastly, a monetization method needs to be used for the website to generate money, once it starts to get traffic. This is usually done after 3 months since content is live and can include: Amazon Affiliate, Adsense Ads, or any Display Ads from the numerous networks available. You can also sell your own products, physical or digital – in this case, we will help with setting up your Woocommerce store and listing your products online.


What exactly I will get?

  • A fresh .com domain name registered for 1 year (then $15 yearly) along with a hosting package for 1 year (then $35 yearly).
  • WordPress installed, a free template and the needed plugins for SEO and proper functioning of the site.
  • The number of (posted) articles selected with the package.
  • All the articles are SEO-optimized for the given title/keyword, using images, bold text, internal linking, external links, and other optimization techniques.
  • Guidance in adding the website in Google console and Analytics.
  • On-Site and Off-Site SEO guides that you can use to improve your site over time.
  • Lifetime support via Skype/Discord.

Articles are written by real humans or A.I.?

We use a mix of the two.

  1. We manually select niches which are in high demand or evergreen.
  2. We then use data mining to understand what are the best subjects to write about in those niches.
  3. Based on the titles, we use a custom-trained NLP A.I. model to create the main structure of the article.
  4. We use custom content filters, augmenting and proofreading to turn the articles into quality reads.
  5. Finally, we start the SEO-optimization process (On-page SEO).

Are the articles high-quality and unique?

Yes they are. All the content is specifically created from the ground-up for every website, there are no duplicate phrases, let alone duplicate articles. Moreover, the content is made to be helpful for users. Also, every article is SEO optimized to have plenty of chances to rank in searches.

What is the delivery time?

Delivery time is 1 week for every 200 articles. (Buying the 600 articles package will result in a delivery time of up to 3 weeks).

Do you offer support after the order is complete?

We love helping our customers! We will have communication channels open for you so we can offer further tips, and, to help with any issues or questions you might have in the journey of growing your new website.

How much money can my website generate? In how much time?

A website with 100 articles can generate anywhere between $3-$9 / day. The time needed to reach these earnings is usually around 3 to 6 months – after search engines indexed and started to rank the articles.

What can I do to improve and grow the website further?

  1. Create social media accounts and link them to your site. Then, start sharing links of your articles on these platforms. We recommend using Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, but any other popular platform can also be useful.
  2. Keep creating and posting new articles every few days.

That’s it. Doing this consistently will lead your website to success.

Can I use your services again to add even more articles/keep improving my website?

Of course. We can settle on a custom deal and we will take care of your new requirements.

What guarantees are you offering?

  1. We provide a well-researched long-tail niche which will be in demand for the long-term, and which has high chances of getting organic traffic from search engines.
  2. Website content is totally unique, human readable, helpful for visitors and SEO optimized.
  3. We guarantee indexing of the website URL’s. This includes most of the site pages, categories and article posts. Having URL’s indexed is the first required step in starting to get organic traffic.

What guarantees are you not offering?

While we create a website and content that is more than likely to succeed, there are some things out of our control, and, very slim chances things may not work as they should. Thus, we can’t guarantee any realized income/profit made off the website.

What is your refund/replacement policy?

We will do a partial refund (half of the order sum):

  1. There is no organic traffic after 3 months has passed since receiving access to the website. To be eligible for this, you need to add the website in the Google Search Console right after we deliver your website, and, submit its site-map to the Google crawler (we will help you with this). Then, within a screen sharing session prove us the analytics lacks any organic traffic for the respective domain. In this case we will proceed with a partial refund and you will still get to keep the website.
  2. Within 6 months after receiving access to the website, you want to give up the project because of some reason. To be eligible for a partial refund, you need to transfer back to us the domain name and hosting account. This means all the registrar/hosting account login data needs to be under our control.
  3. No replacements are made as there is a lot of work done for every website.
  4. No refunds will be made after 6 months has passed since you received access to the website.

Looking for more information about our Ready-Made website service? You can send us an email, add our Skype: office123accs, or join our Discord:

Mario is a social media marketer and programmer from Italy. Mario began his career as a social media intern for a small startup and quickly learned the ropes of the industry. He then went on to work as a social media manager for a mid-sized company before starting his own agency. Mario is also a skilled programmer and has created software programs that help businesses with their social media marketing efforts. In his spare time, Mario enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children. His motto: "Keep your skills sharp and your networking active, and you'll always be in demand."