Foundation Links SEO Package – Manual Link Building



Want to Improve Your Site Rankings and Get More Customers? Then You First Need a Proper Approach of Link Diversity

Especially for new built websites, it’s important to start your link building efforts with care and accuracy. Foundation links are what every normal website should have prior to any other type of SEO campaigns.

These links are needed to create a more natural backlink footprint around a website, thus you will avoid any search engine penalties caused by an unnatural backlink profile.

Advantages of Foundation SEO

Whether you have a brand new website or want to increase the diversity of links to any existing website, foundation links can only do good for your rankings.

  • Stable rankings
  • Anchor links diversity
  • Link platform diversity
  • Link IP diversity
  • Moderate amount of link juice

Content creation

  • Professional site presentation copy;
  • 4 x unique handmade niche-related articles of 1000+ words;
  • 2 x descriptive audio files;
  • 30 x custom-made quote-style graphics to be used for image sharing and social posts;
  • 4 x descriptive videos to use for submissions;
  • 2 x question and answer pairs for Q&A sites.

We’re also manually creating all the accounts used for submissions, being social media or other platforms, and, you will receive the login data so you can stay in control of your posted content and links.

We Add Natural Variations of Link Anchors to Your Website

  • Raw links (naked URL anchors in varied formats)
  • Image links
  • LSI anchors (latent semantic indexing keywords used as anchors)
  • Generics (visit site, go here, this website, more info, etc – type of anchors)
  • Brand anchors

Handmade, Natural Linking Profile From Varied Sources (100+ links)

  • Social media shares on the top platforms;
  • Video submissions;
  • Image sharing (quality stock photos tailored for your niche/business);
  • Audio sharing;
  • Doc / Presentation sharing;
  • Question and answer sites (citations);
  • Blog aggregator / Bookmarking sites;
  • Business directories (if you have a business and address);
  • A total of 100+ handmade quality links, including business citations and brand identity links;
  • All made on different IP’s and varied login data;
  • Full report with live links, account login details and all the created content.

Links Velocity

We drip-feed the links across 14 days. If you want to spread this over a month or more, please specify this when submitting details about your order during checkout.

What do we need from you?

When ordering, don’t forget to add the following details to the ‘Additional Information box’ during checkout:

  • Site URL (you can add multiple URL’s, and the total of 100+ links will be spread across them but the main concentration is for the root domain).
  • Your main anchors (you can submit 2-3 anchors, but we add a higher percentage of URL variations, brand, generics and LSI keywords).
  • Business address (if you have one, used for business citations).
  • Other special instructions you may have (like longer drip-feed time, link sources to skip, etc).


Are you offering ranking guarantees?

While our link building include trusted and high authority domains which are proved to increase rankings, we do not offer any ranking guarantees.

Can this link building package affect my website?

This strategy is based on diversification, the only times you can get penalized for link building is when you follow a identifiable procedure which shows unnatural patterns; or, when SE’s are updating their algorithms and you site is not in line with the changes. Backlink diversification and good anchor text distribution (while avoiding too much pressure on the main anchors), can only benefit your site on the long-term.

Will the links stay posted on the long-term?

We do carefully account creation and submission while staying relevant with your niche/topic. This applies when we post images, articles, videos, comments or replies on all the sites we work with, and this ensures a high rate of success. However, the Internet is an ever changing medium – websites come and go, terms of use changes, servers can be re-installed and certain URL’s may disappear, site administrators can impose new rules… thus ultimately, we cannot control what happens on these sites on the long-term.

What is the delivery time?

We aim for 18-24 days from the ordering time to completion (handmade link building takes time). You will receive a full report with live links, account login details and the created content in cloud storage.

What is your refund policy?

Although we are confident you’ll be fully satisfied with the SEO package we deliver, we don’t offer refunds once the link building campaign has started.

Need more info?

Looking for more information about our Foundation Links SEO package? You can send us an email, or add our Skype: office123accs