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How Marketing on Reddit Works (and how to get it right)

How Marketing on Reddit Works (and how to get it right)

If you’ve been thinking about marketing your product or service on Reddit, this article is for you. This post will break down how Reddit works, what it takes to get traction on the platform, and some ways to use it as a marketing outlet. Let’s start by looking at the basics of getting started with Reddit marketing.

What Is Reddit?

Reddit is an online community that operates through discussion forums called “subreddits.” These subreddits have subscribed users who submit content which can include articles, images, videos or almost anything online. Posts are then voted up or down by other users in the subreddit according to various criteria like authenticity, helpfulness, time since publication or number of initial received votes (the more upvotes received right after posting, the more other users are inclined to keep upvoting it).

One of the things that makes Reddit so powerful is its ability to aggregate like-minded users and create communities. For marketers, this can be a very helpful way to explore new markets and find out what types of content resonate with particular groups. It also gives brands an opportunity to create conversation and build brand loyalty with customers in a very transparent way.

The Reddit Community

According to Statista, Reddit has more than 1,7 billion monthly active users (as of June 2021) across hundreds of thousands of subreddits on thousands of unique topics. The platform is extremely powerful for finding new blogs, media outlets, and content creators – as well as connecting with your customers in a direct way.

With that being said, marketing on Reddit can be challenging. But there are certain things to keep in mind when developing a strategy for marketing on Reddit.

Here are some of the commonly-held myths about how to use Reddit for marketing:

1. Think like the user:

One of the best ways to think about Reddit is as a “community of communities.” Each subreddit serves a specific purpose, and your content will need to align with that purpose if you want it to get traction. Think about which market you want to target and how your product or service could fit into that niche or community.

2. No one wants to be “that guy” who market on Reddit:

In order to get traction on Reddit, you have to engage with your users — and not just in a passive way. You have to participate in the conversation and give back to the community in a way that reinforces its goals. Be genuine and helpful, or your brand will be seen as elitist and inauthentic.

3. Be careful what you provide:

You want to first build up trust with your audience before attempting any kind of marketing strategy. Your content needs to be appealing, useful, and genuine — so that people feel like they can trust you enough to share it with others.

4. Think about the format:

There are hundreds of subreddits on a variety of topics, and each one will have different criteria for what it deem worthy of being posted. And since most posts require at least a little bit of engagement from users before they can be voted up or down, you’ll want to think about how to integrate your link into these kinds of discussions.

5. The long tail theory:

On Reddit, the community is what creates all the content, not blogs or other forms of media. While people also post things that come from elsewhere (i.e. blog posts), they include comments to let people know where it came from and how they feel about it.

How to Use Reddit for Marketing (And Why You Should)

Reddit is a unique way for brands and marketers to connect with their customers in a transparent way, but that doesn’t mean it can work without any strategy. To make the most of your time on Reddit, use these best practices when marketing on Reddit:

1. Know your audience:

As you develop your strategy, decide what audience you want to target and how you can create content that fits into the appropriate subreddits. While it might be tempting to just spam links all over the place or use bots to upvote everything, this will hurt your brand in the long run.

2. Be a part of the community:

Actively participate in subreddits that are a good fit for your audience and work to build up your credibility by contributing value back into the community.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback:

If you want to learn how you can improve and get more traffic, ask users what they like, don’t like, or would change about your product/service. You can also ask them if they’d be interested in your product/service and how they think you can market it better to their interests. Then listen to their feedback by acting on the best suggestions.

4. Approach the subreddit from the right angle:

Know where your audience hangs out, and try to make your content relevant to them. This means that you want to start with words that they are likely to use in their daily lives.

5. Be open to build relationships:

While it’s important to be authentic and helpful, you also want to build a rapport with your audience. Do these things: answer questions, keep people posted on what you’re working on and what’s new on your site, be available for live chat, respond quickly — and be engaging.

6. Deliver value:

Reddit isn’t a platform to just talk about your product or service — it’s a community that likes to work together for the greater good. If you want them to keep paying attention to your brand, you have to give them something of value in return — especially if you want them to engage with and share your content.

7. Don’t be pushy:

While it can be tempting to push your product or service at every opportunity, you won’t get far if people feel like they are being spammed by brands from all sides — and that their questions aren’t being answered or problems aren’t being solved. Instead, answer their questions in a way that shows you care and provide value without directly shilling for your product/service.

8. Be authentic:

If someone doesn’t believe you are being genuine, they won’t trust what you have to say and will likely not engage with your brand or link to your content. So be honest and authentic, and never push too hard for people to participate because it is simply not worth the effort.

To sum it up:

While Reddit can be an effective way for brands to connect with their customers without actually having an existing community on another network, it does come with inherent risks. Brands who market on Reddit without considering how they will contribute value back into the community are likely to fail — and could potentially damage their brand overall.

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