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How to Stay Anonymous on Reddit

how to stay anonymous on Reddit

If you’ve ever tried to use Reddit, chances are you’ve felt the social media giant’s powerful need for identity. From username verification to a requirement of your email, Reddit aso makes use of an avatar and a name that inevitably becomes part of their online persona.

Fortunately, there is still hope for those seeking anonymity. This post goes on to detail several methods that will allow you to stay anonymous on Reddit without compromising your privacy or risking any personal information.

How to stay anonymous on Reddit

Redditors understand the need to remain anonymous. Many users have requested anonymity as a means of protecting their personal information. According to what you put online, your IP address can reveal where you live and more.

Whether its posting in a political subreddit, sharing an image of someone in your family or for many other reasons, anonymity is important for some people, but there are still ways that we can all use to stay anonymous on Reddit.

The following methods are effective in achieving the goal of remaining anonymous on Reddit with minimal effort.

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Can You Really Stay Anonymous Online Using the ToR Browser?

you are not anonymous on tor

It was not too long ago where anonymity could only be gained with a bit of technical know-how and expert use of third party programs. Now, anyone can visit the Tor website, download the file, unzip it and run the program in any flavor of windows (including MAC OS) with no prior knowledge or technical expertise needed for setup or use.

The new Tor Browser Bundle is a portable program that provides all of the tools needed to browse anonymously through an encrypted connection while never having any personally identifying data stored on your computer. The package is about the size of a regular web browser and can be run from a USB stick or CD/DVD disc on any computer. The Tor network has been in existence since 2002, but has recently gained notoriety as the default browser bundle for the popular anonymous file sharing program “The Onion Router”.

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