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Social Accounts Stock

Fresh and Aged Instagram Accounts
IG Non-PVA 1 month+ old: $0.35/account 
IG Non-PVA 2 months+ old: $0.50/account 
IG Non-PVA 3 months+ old: $0.75/account 
IG Non-PVA 4 months+ old, $1/account 
IG Non-PVA 5 months+ old: $1.25/account 
IG Non-PVA 6 months+ old: $1.5/account 
IG Non-PVA 9 months+ old (girl avatar): $1.75/account 
IG Non-PVA 2 years+ old (girl avatar): $4/account 

For the non-PVA accounts you need a phone verify solution. For the PVA accounts there is no re-PV service offered, thus the PV is one-time. Also, re-PV could be triggered at any time later due to one or a combo of the following: flagged account data (bio/link/pics), flagged proxy, or too many actions (whatever IG believes to be suspicious activity).